Our Mandate

Davidic Praise – Prophetic Worship, is a gathering of prophets ministering in worship to usher in God’s presence and be his mouthpiece.

Are you expriencing a blockage in your communion with God? Do you struggle to pray? Do you struggle to understand or retain the scriptures? Do you struggle to connect with the holy spirit? You know you are called to something greater but not sure what it is or how to find out? You just find yourself in a mundane type of relationship and wondering if there is more? You find yourself struggling with life, family or ministry? Do you find yourself constantly hitting a ceiling and not able to breakthrough?

This event is for you, God wants the break up the fallow grounds/limitations in your life. He longs for you to experience and enjoy all that has for you. A life filled with fufilment with clarity, an inner sense of freedom, purpose and blessings. He wants you to know his mind for you in all areas of your life, be liberated from every bondage or anything that is holding you back to be all that he wants you to be. Come and worship in his presence as he releases the annointing that breaks the yoke and speaks his heart to you through his prophets. Come and be transformed, never to be the same again.