About Us

DPPW is one of Harvestsprings ministry expressions, a ministry based in UK and Kenya. Harvestsprings is a apostolic and prophetic equipping hub with a mandate to realign God’s children to the true Gospel; the ethical Gospel. It is a gathering of spiritual orphans that the church has subdued or failed to recognise their giftings and call to the church at large and the market place. Harvestsprings is lead by a team of ministers under the guidance of the holy spirit and anchored by Patricia Ivan, who is the facilitator of DPPW.

Patricia pastors at HarvestSprings. She founded Discovering the Wholesome Person. An outreach ministry to women aimed at healing and prophetically restoring the person into their God given purpose and unconditional wholesomeness in God. She is a prophetic intercessor, a teacher of the word, with a mandate to raise disciples and facilitate people to maturity in Christ; with a strong focus on integrity and ethics. She is called to equip the church, build and restore the person and their relationships.